Goodbye 65 pounds of unwanted fat

The simple recipe that allowed me to lose 65 pounds of unwanted fat. Learn how I did this in less than 6 months.

Six months & sixty five pounds! How? I will share with you the exact recipe I used below. Before I share my recipe with you I want to share a few things leading up to my weight loss.

Feb 2016 I was sick and tired. Literally sick and tired! I came back from the doctors and he handed me 5 prescriptions. At that time I was 100 pounds over weight and had battled various health problems such as anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rapid heart beat, skin fungus, erection dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and more. I knew if I did not change my health my health would change me. Change me for the worse. I declined the prescriptions and took my health into my own hands.

My first weight-loss (lost over 100 pounds in just 6 months going 100% raw vegan (eating just plants in its raw and natural form) )

I dove into the “Plant Based” lifestyle by going 100 % raw vegan and I lost over 100 pounds and healed my body 100%. I literally ate plants in its raw and natural form. I juiced daily and I made the change happen.

I managed to keep it off for over 3 years. BUT: year 4 was a different story. I told myself that its ok to welcome back processed foods, some meat, some pastries etc. ( in moderation haha) Before I knew it I gained 80 of my 100 pounds I lost. I began buying back old health problems and I became sick all over again! Crazy how quick we can buy back our problems.

Moving forward (December 20 2019) I decided to do it all over again. This time I would do it with a different approach. Still 100% plant based but now I would cook my plants, eating until I was full, juice and incorporate herbs, & other helpful things!! This weight loss and health plan was far easier to accomplish as it was satisfying and far less restrictive then just going 100% raw vegan..

This photo was taken December 24th 2019, ( my wedding day) I was on day 5 of my new lifestyle change.


✅Fasting 16 hours a day.

✅8 hours to eat as much as I want (whole plant based only)

✅Probiotics (daily)

✅Kombucha drinks (3 a day)

✅Cannabis oil (before bed)

✅Cannabis joint (each evening after work)

✅No excuses!!!!!!!!

My new look after losing 65 pounds using my recipe above.

Success happens when we dedicate ourselves with much needed change. When we put our body before the cravings and when we take charge or our own health issues. In my case I needed to relapse with my weight and health in order for me to realize that it’s not ok to take back old lifestyle habits without experiencing negative repercussions.

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